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We work with independent restaurants that want to increase profits 5-10% in 90-days, without the fear, anxiety, and doubt of running a business in the post-COVID-19 economy.

The restaurant landscape is changing rapidly and those that fail to adapt are going to be left behind. We understand your need to adjust and react faster to the changes occurring in your market now. That is why Restaurant KPI Mastery was started.

We are a company built on the knowledge and experience of three masters in their industries.

Darren Manzari, CEO

KPI Mastery was founded by Darren in 1996. He has spent over 30 years in the automotive industry and has worked has an Efficiency consultant on hundreds of projects in more than 20 countries. As Darren had worked to understand performance metrics since the mid-90’s, he found that the real secret to increasing workshop efficiency and resource utilization came not of the indicators themselves, but in the interpretation of these indicators combined with the actions taken to improve them.

Over time, Darren established client relationships with several auto manufacturers and traveled around the world providing repair efficiency consulting and training to their dealerships and importers, but his ability to scale his services was limited by time and distance. He had to turn down many potential clients who needed his services. As
smartphones and mobile devices became more prevalent on the workshop floor, Darren realized that technology was the answer.

With mobility, it became easier to gather key performance data and deliver analysis to his clients without interfering with actual repair work. So the KPI Mastery Cloud Platform was created.

Donald Burns, Vice President

In 2019, Darren met Donald Burns, The Restaurant Coach™! Darren was opening a restaurant with his wife Nancy, and knew that in order to optimize the operation for success, he would need to seek advice from one of the industry’s best.

Donald had been named one of The Top 30 Restaurant Experts to Follow and is the leading authority on how restaurant owners, operators, and culinary professionals go from just good, to becoming outstanding. He is also a speaker, an international coach, and the author of the award winning book, Your Restaurant Sucks! Donald is a sought-after advisor in the areas of: leadership, branding, social media marketing, culture, operations, restaurateur mindset, team development, behavioral dynamics, productivity & peak performance.

When Donald and Darren met, they quickly realized that they were essentially cut from the same cloth, just in two different industries. While Darren had transformed his client's businesses and improved their lives in one industry, Donald was doing having the exact same effect within the restaurant industry.

By combining Donald’s knowledge and expertise in the restaurant industry, with Darren’s proven optimization methodologies, Restaurant KPI Mastery was born! Through testing and analysis of the system in multiple restaurants, they began to see immediate results in the areas of profitability, process optimization, employee satisfaction, and so much more!

A Personal Note From Donald:

I’ve been where you are. My first restaurant almost closed six months after opening. I struggled and had too much pride to admit that I needed help. You see, I knew how to run a restaurant. I did not know how to build a business. I met a successful businessman who became my mentor and showed me the steps to build a brand and a profitable business!

Today, I work with serious independent restaurants that want a clear path to build their brand, strengthen their team, and increase their profits (without sacrificing their life to their business). I have unlocked the formula to long term restaurant success.

Pamela Lee, Vice President

Pamela started her career in Clinical Psychology, but quickly realized that as interesting as human behavior is, she was more drawn to the research and statistics side of the field. She spent several years as an analyst, securing and carrying out large government research contracts. She went on to obtain an MBA with a Business Intelligence specialty.

Pamela is a market research and business intelligence expert, and she leads the systems development for Restaurant KPI Mastery members. Pamela has a unique ability to see through the data “noise” and turn complex problems into simple, actionable solutions.

Pamela has spent over 16 years in consulting, and before meeting Darren and Donald, she led the research division of a large consulting company. Pamela has helped over a hundred organizations use data to capture market share and maximize revenue. Over the years however, Pamela realized the need for a way to help more businesses in less time. While there’s undeniable value in having an on-site consultant when you need one, many businesses can reap the benefits of a consultant through a virtual platform at a fraction of the cost.

Also, as it turns out, Pamela’s psychology background comes in very handy when it comes to restaurant personnel management.

We understand that you opened a restaurant for the freedom that being a business owner would bring, but along the way the restaurant took control of you and your life. Now, you work more and see fewer profits.

It’s time to stop the insanity and get control of your time and your profits.

 Allow us to show you how can have it all.


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